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Jeans Repair

The repair day I held this weekend was successful – in that I finished all the pants what were dropped off and I made some money. Dave and I were laughing about how having designer jeans with repaired blown out crotches deliver a sort of street cred.

On most pair I created pieces that mimicked the patter of the pants and basted those pieces in. After checking for fit, I fasten the patches in place with a tight zig zag and then enforced the patch by zig zagging the hole down onto the patch. For the most part I used black or blue canvas or denim for the right side of the patches and lined them with a thick mattress ticking. I also had some screen printed patches left over from a previous project.

The jeans were a selection of Iron Heart Self Edge, Nudies, APC, and Kicking Mule Workshop (KMW) in a range of 10oz -22oz denim. Yes, even the 22oz blows out eventually. Most of these were on raw indigo dyed selvedge denim.

If you live in the Madison area and would like your jeans repaired the costs are $20 for the crotch and $5 for each addition repair. Patches that need to be removed are $5-10 depending the size. Contact me at midwesttextiles@gmail.com.

Thanks to little Nora Grey for the help.


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I have been working on samples for the belt. While I am no longer designing this for Shelby’s dress, I will probably still make a completed piece. Creating lines and shapes with beads has specific challenges. The Indian style cord works really well but it is very difficult to work with. If anyone knows how shapes are created with that material please let me know.

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