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Progress Report

Our process the last few months often feels like it has been rambling, exploring and generally unfocused. We started out with specific goals of printing wallpaper, and soon found ourselves rethinking that – problems for our various ideas have cropped up at every turn. Nonetheless, we are both very aware that this process is going to take time as we take the time to develop our own designs, create the space to explore them and change our lives to fit in the time we need to make it work. 

This is my last week at Trek. I am concerned about moving on from the structure of a job since  I will having to create my own schedule each day. On the other hand, I feel that I have much more focus than I did 4 months ago when I first finished with school. I am volunteering 2 days a week, and sleeping about 2 days a week from growing this baby. I anticipate that I will find having 3 full days a week to focus on design will actually be quite fulfilling and possible. I have many different projects and many more answers – or at least leads – to my questions. 

Kara and I are setting our our “play” area – we realized that in order to focus we had to have the ability to print and dye – to explore our ideas. While time is a factor for both of us, space and resources is also key. I am looking forward to next week when we sit down and finalize our list and place the order. Right now we will either find or make our own screens, get some screen hinges, squeegees, screen coaters, emulsion, and screen mesh. We will both be able to do this for about $75 which is affordable. Hopefully we can get Kara’s basement cleared out enough to have the space to work, but we are lucky enough to also be able to work with Mess Hall Press and use their exposure unit and such.


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Bike Bag: Initial designs

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Yesterday I was doing some research for a flyer that I am trying to put together and I was distracted by a series of images that I came across. I know that the internet is FULL of so many cool images that I have to be careful in just linking to every cool inspiration that I find. So, here is my justification for these. In my research for graphics and images I am seeing that the sunburst/silhouette/flare/circles/organic swirls/smoke look is WAY out but still cropping up all over design. A few weeks ago I found a great article on Dig siting the top 10 overused graphics – it was funny. Now I am seeing them all over realizing how right it is that they are way overused – especially all together. Where is it all going then? I don’t know, but what I am enjoying seeing is the really well updated graphic imagery. Bolder colors and less organic lines. The other day I was in a design meeting and we were talking about trends in the Mountain Bike scene – the comment that made every one laugh was “Nature is out, even in nature…. what a sign of the times.” 

So, these images inspire me to think along these bold and graphic lines, yet they are still somehow romantic and aesthetically timeless as well.

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